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Next concerts

Many nice dates are coming up, autumn starts with exciting projects.

The guitarist Tamás Boliky from Budapest invited me to be part of his project "The Danube Project". I wrote a piece that I will record with him and his band in the studio in Budapest at the end of the week.

My next highlight will be the concert with JAN BANG and VINCENT COURTOIS as part of the Enjoy Jazz Festival. I've really wanted to play with both of them for a long time - everyone is a great musician in their own right and I'm very, very excited to see what it will be like to share the stage with them.

Come by when we meet on October 6th. play at Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim.

SWR will be recording the concert, which of course makes me very happy!

Two days later I'm playing with my heart project Tandem in my hometown of Bad Ems.

This will certainly be a very special experience. In the Kurhaus, as a kind of “dream concert” with special illumination of the dome.

More dates in the picture or under “Live”. I'll be very happy when we see each other.

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