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MUTED Residency Part II

In the 2nd part of the residency at the Alte Feuerwache, the draftsman and illustrator Mehrdad Zaeri was with us. We all didn't know in advance what was going to happen and then together we dived into a very unique world of sounds, images and stories.

It was magical in the truest sense of the word!!!

Thanks to the Alte Feuerwache for this wonderful and very valuable opportunity to let something emerge! This is a kind of support that is very helpful for us cultural workers and unfortunately very rare in this country! Please keep it up - in the end everybody will benefit from it: artists, consumers and venues :-)

Enclosed you can find an excerpt from our sessions.

You can find more of them at my videos.

Many thanks to the musicians Erwin Ditzner and Claus Kiesselbach, and of course to Mehrdad Zaeri!

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