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Netnar Tsinim

Alexandra Lehmler Saxophone

Bernhard Vanecek Trombone, Melodica

Matthias Debus Bass

Erwin Ditzner Drums


"In the name of the notes"
The band Netnar Tsinim from Mannheim

What connects the four members of "Netnar Tsinim", besides their "clerical" past as "Minis Tranten", is above all the spirit of music. But the former is history and today they have a completely different mission: the four former altar servers from the Rhine-Neckar region are on the road in the name of the notes to tirelessly convert their audience by means of upscale light music. And for that (almost) every musical means is right for them. "Netnar Tsinim" is a band with missionary zeal to merge fine Jazz- World- Chanson- Latin- Groove- Music into a heavenly world music. 

The quartet goes unusual ways, which already become obvious with the instrumentation. A harmony instrument is deliberately omitted, the quartet consists of two wind players, bass and drums. And because there is no sheet music for such a constellation, bassist Matthias Debus tailors arrangements to fit his band perfectly. The resulting sound garments sometimes shimmer in bright red, sometimes shine in lush green, sometimes are kept discreetly in shades of gray or shimmer in a jazzy, deep blue. All other sound colors are not excluded, intermediate color tones are expressly desired.

That this open concept works and does not drift into arbitrariness, is ensured by the four experienced musicians in the truest sense of the word: Alexandra Lehmler was awarded the renowned "Landesjazzpreis 2014 Baden- Württemberg" for her multi-faceted playing, and she has been successful with her own quintet for years. Bernhard Vanecek sets skilful musical impulses not only as a (classically trained) trombonist, but also on the melodica. The richly ornamented foundation and the necessary grounding are provided by double bassist Matthias Debus and drum virtuoso Erwin Ditzner. 

The band "Netnar Tsinim" masters the dreaded balancing act between serious and light music by heart, it can be entertaining or concertante at the same time, whereby the transitions are always fluent. Humorous elements are not excluded! Matthias Debus brings the musical concept to a minimal formula: "We make music with level without too much brain..."

Netnar Tsinim: Netnar Tsinim (fixcel records, 2010)

Netnar Tsinim: Instant Miner (fizz records, 2013) 

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